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Seton Award

Granted annually to recognize the best writing by a young lawyer published in the Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA. To qualify, the article must have been written prior to the author's 40th birthday. The selected young lawyer receives a certificate and a financial prize. The Seton Award honors Charles B. Seton (1910-2005), one of the founding members of the Society.

 Last  Article
Sofia Ritala How Should the American First-Sale Doctrine Be Developed in Light of New Digital Distribution Technologies for Copyrighted Works?
61 4 Barbara Lauriat Free Trade in Books: The 1878 Royal Commission on Copyright
2 Rebecca Tushnet Performance Anxiety: Copyright Embodied and Disembodied
59 2 Zvi Rosen Reimagining Bleistein: Copyright for Advertisements in Historical Perspective
58 2 Brian Lee Pelanda
Declarations of Cultural Independence: The Nationalistic Imperative Behind the Passage of Early American Copyright Laws, 1783-1787
57 3 Martin Senftleben Bridging the Differences Between Copyright's Legal Tradition -- The Emerging EC Fair Use Doctrine
56 2 Stephanie Berg Remedying the Statutory Damages Remedy for Secondary Copyright Infringement Liability: Balancing Copyright and Innovation in the Digital Age
55 2/3 Makeen F.
Makeen The Protection of Cinematographic Works Under the Copyright Laws of Egypt and Lebanon
54 4 Patrick Masiyakurima The Effectiveness of Judicial Licensing in Copyright Law
53 1/2 Mark H.
Jaffe Defusing the Time Bomb Once Again – Determining Authorship in a Sound Recording
52 3 Daniel R.
Johnston Debunking Fair Use Rights and Copyduty Under U.S. Copyright Law
51 1 Catherine Seville Peter Pan's Rights: "To Die Will Be and Awfully Big Adventure"
50 1

Richard B.

Graves IIII
Globalization,Treaty Powers, and the Limits of the Intellectual Property Clause
4 Daniel J.
Gervais Feist Goes Global: A Comparative Analysis of the Notion of Originality in Copyright Law
1/2 Eric D.
Leach Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Performance Rights But Were Afraid to Ask
1 Ryan Craig
The Development of Internet Education and the Role of Copyright Law
4 Jeffrey Wu Art Resale Rights and the Art Resale Market:  A Follow-up Study
1 Scott Glauberman Citizen Suits Against States:  The Exclusive Jurisdiction Dilemma
44 3 Rebecca
Martin The WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty:  Will the U.S. Whistle a New Tune?
3 Ira
Brandiss Writing in Frost ona Window Pane:  E-mail and Chatting on RAM and Copyright Fixation
3 Jennifer
Hall Blues and Public Domain: No More Dues to Pay?
3 Robert
Cassler Copyright Royalty Tribunal:  Balancing the Record

No article qualified
2 Anthony
Nolan Brave New World? Copyright Protection of Computer Programs in Germany and France in Light of the European Community Software Directive
38 1 Shira
Perlmutter The Scope of Copyright in Telephone Directories:  Keep Listing Information in the Public Domain
34 2 Andrea Rush The Canadian Copyright Appeal Board: In Retrospect and In Revision
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